The eight virtual field trips below were prepared for our first IGCP683 field trip in Canada, which is held from May 19 to May 23, 2022, after the Annual Meeting of the Geological Association of Canada (GAC), Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC), the International Association of Hydrogeologists – Canadian National Committee (IAH-CNC), and the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada May 15-18, 2022. The purpose is to provide context for the live field trip, and a resource for future use for IGCP683 participants and beyond. Field trip locations are shown below, on a configuration of the continents at the time of Pangea.

Field trip locations on Pangea


1– Mills, A. and Lowe, D. 2022. “Geology of the Bonavista Peninsula Newfoundland: A trail of discovery through the Ediacaran Musgravetown Group of Avalonia” . IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°1, 34p.

2– Jonhson, S.C. and  Park, A. F. 2022. “The Caledonian Highlands, Avalonia in Southern New Brunswick, Geological comparisons and correlations among crustal blocks of Eastern North America, Northwestern Africa and Western Europe”. IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°2, 33p.

3– Accotto, C., Martinez Poyatos, D., Azor, A. and Jabaloy-Sanchez, A. 2022.  “The Eo-Variscan structures of the Eastern Moroccan Meseta (Debdou-Mekkam Region”.  IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°3, 17p.

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4- Simancas, F., Azor, A., Martinez Poyatos, D., Perez-Caceres, I., Exposito Ramos, I., Accotto, C. and Montero, P.  2022. “Structural record of terrane accretion in the SW Iberian Massif”. IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°4, 12p.

5- Kuiper, Y.D. and Murray, D.P. 2022. “Possible crustal blocks of the Southeastern part of the New England Avalon terrane in the US Appalachians“. IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°5, 36p.


6-Thompson, M.D. 2022. “Ediacaran bedrock geology of Greater Boston, Massachusetts: Elements of an Avalonian magmatic arc“.  IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°6, 15p.

7- Belkacim, S., Alahyane, M. and Bouabdellah, M. 2022. “Eastern and Central Anti-Atlas of Morocco“.  IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°7, 46p.

8 Reusch, D. and Strauss, J.V.. 2022. “Ganderia in New England: A virtual tour of the Penobscot Bay Inlier, Maine, USA“.  IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°8, 20p.

9- F. Bea, A. Cambeses, P. Montero, JF. Molina, L. Barcos, A. Azor, D. Poyatos, J.F. Simancas, I. Pérez-Cáceres, I. Expósito Ramos, C. Accotto, J. de la Rosa, T. Donaire. 2023. “Pre-Atlantic Geological Conections among Northwest Africa, Iberia and Eastern North America: Implications for Continental Configurations and Economic Resources” IGCP683 Virtual Field Guide N°9, 50p.