Faouziya Haissen is co-organizer of CAG2020 in Fes, Morocco (http://www.fsdmfes.ac.ma/CAG28/FR the IGCP683). She will present the project to participants by presenting a poster and a talk. She will be attending the 36thIGC congress (https://www.36igc.org/) in India rescheduled to November 2020 because of Covic19 Pandemia.

Yvette Kuiper is editor (with Brendan Murphy, Damian Nance, Rob Strachan and Meg Thompson) of a Geological Society of America Special Paper on “New developments in the Appalachian-Caledonian-Variscan orogen”, to be published in 2021. She is also co-convening a technical session “Structure and Dynamics of the Appalachian Orogen” at the annual Geological Society of America Meeting in October 2020 (https://community.geosociety.org/gsa2020/home)

Sandra Barr is editor of the journal “Atlantic Geology” (https://www.erudit.org/en/ journals/ageo/), published by the Atlantic Geoscience Society. Abstracts are published in English and French, and the journal covers all aspects of the geology of Atlantic Canada and related areas, including Morocco and Spain.  Papers are published without charge to the authors.  Sandra Barr is also chair of the organizing committee for the GAC-MAC-CSPG-IAH* meeting to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on May 15-18, 2022.   Halifax is located in the Meguma terrane, thought by some geologists to have originated in Africa, and hence is an especially appropriate venue for IGCP 683 to hold a symposium and field trip. Halifax is easily accessible by air from Europe, Africa, and other parts of eastern North America.   

*GAC – Geological Association of Canada; MAC – Mineralogical Association of Canada; CSPG – Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists; IAH – International Association of Hydrologists – Canadian Chapter. 

Pilar Montero is co-director of the Shrimp Laboratory (IBERSIMS) at the University of Granada, Spain. It is equipped with multi-collector and already optimized for (1) U-Th-Pb analyses in zircon, (2) oxygen isotope analyses in zircons, rutile and other materials, and (3) Pb isotope analyses in feldspar.

She is also the Scientific Advisor of the TIMS Laboratory at the University of Granada, Spain, which is equipped with a Finnigan MAT 262 Mass Spectrometer, optimized for Rb/Sr, Sm/Nd (whole rock and minerals) and Pb/Pb evaporation method in single zircon.

She is co-convenor of the session: 04i: The Behavior of Zircon in Igneous and Metamorphic Systems: Stability, Saturation in Melts, Diffusion of Isotopes and Trace Elements, Mechanisms of Inheritance, Petrogenetic Markers (included in section: 04: Crust: magmatism, recycling and metamorphism ) in the Goldschmidt Virtual 2020 Conference, (originally intended to be in Hawaii, 21-26 June, 2020 ;  https://goldschmidt.info/2020/program/programViewThemes)

She is editor (with R. Arenas and F. Tornos) of a Journal of Iberian Geology Special Paper on “New developments in Geochemistry. A tribute to Carmen Galindo” edited by Springer Nature and the UCM.

She is co-leader of the project: “Applications of the microanalysis to Pb and O isotopes in igneous feldspars to the correlation of continental segments: The separation of North America from North-West Africa and the individualization of Iberia” granted by the Spanish Ministry of Science & Technology and the European Union and one of the tasks of the IGCP683. All analytical procedures will be performed in the IBERSIMS laboratory, of which she is co-director.

Saïd Belkacim : will be presenting IGCP683 at the ‘Québec Mines+ Energie’ Congress, in Québec, Canada from November 23-26, 2020. (https://mern.gouv.qc.ca/quebec-mines/).

All five will advertise the IGCP683 project through geological societies, conferences and appropriate email lists.