Coming symposium May2022

May 15-18, 2022:   Symposium on “Pre-Atlantic geological connections among northwest Africa, western Europe, and eastern North America” organized by Sandra Barr, Saïd Belkacim, Faouziya Haissen, Yvette Kuiper, Pilar González Montero, and John Waldron. This symposium is part of the activities of IGCP 683 (Pre-Atlantic geological connections among northwest Africa, Iberia and eastern North America: Implications for continental configurations and economic resources).  For this session proposal, the theme of IGCP 683 has been expanded to include not only Iberia but the rest of western Europe to broaden the participation and focus specifically on connections, rather than plate tectonic reconstructions, to avoid overlap with other sessions at the meeting.  For more information about the conference see:

May 19-23, 2022:  Post-conference field trip on “Geological comparisons and correlations among crustal blocks of eastern North America, northwest Africa, and western Europe” organized by Sandra Barr, Yvette Kuiper, Deanne van Rooyen, and Chris White. The purpose of this 5-day field tip is to bring together geoscientists working in eastern North America, northwest Africa, and Europe to discuss potentially correlative crustal blocks with northwest African origin that are now dispersed across the three continents. Fragments of at least three of these blocks occur in Nova Scotia, and hence it is an obvious focus for the field trip. Other areas (NL, southern NB, and SE New England) will be high-lighted during evening “virtual” field trips. This field trip is part of International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) project IGCP 683 ( led by Faouziya Haissen (Hassan II University – Casablanca, Morocco), Yvette Kuiper (Colorado School of Mines, USA), Pilar Montero (University of Granada, Spain), and Sandra Barr (Acadia University, Canada). For more information about the conference see

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